Marketing 101 | Gumroad – How to Sell on Gumroad?

What is Gumroad?

Gumroad is an online platform for creators to sell their works and make a living.

You can sell digital products like drawings, musics, novels, templates, courses.
You can also sell physical products like T-shirts, CDs, books.
You can even sell memberships and build up a community of your own.

Is Gumroad free to use?

Yes, you can sell products and enjoy basic functionalities for free.

For the free tier, you can have unlimited products, 4 posts per month and basic analytics tool.

If you need more functionalities, the paying tier starts from $10/month.

At the paying tier, you can customize your selling page more, use your own domain, post unlimited in Gumroad.

Here’s the detailed monthly cost with different amounts of customers.

How to sell on Gumroad?

Step 1: Sign up at Gumroad.

Fill in basic informations.

Step 2: Set up your product type: Classic / Pre-order / Membership.

Step 3: Set up your product price.

You can also set it free and allow customers to pay whatever they like.

Step 4: Upload your product files or a link to your products.

Step 5: Publish it and start selling!

Here’s a sample product page I made.

How to build an audience on Gumroad?


Gumroad has a Discover section for users to browse products and find out what they are interested in. However, Gumroad is already 10 years old and have a lot of creators and products on it. Building audience through this Gumroad search engine is quite hard.


You can also make posts in Gumroad. However, the post is only visible to your existing followers and people who visited your profile. There’s no discover page on Gumroad to view new posts from random creators.

Hence, I think Gumroad is more focusing on selling and building relationships with your existing followers. If you need to build an audience, you should probably build it somewhere else like twitter.

Create an affiliate program on Gumroad

Affiliate program is a powerful marketing tools to promote your business.
(You share a percentage of profits with your affiliate, and your affiliate help you make more sells.)

If you sell products on Gumroad, you can easily create an affiliate program on it.

Here’s a simple form to fill out to add an affiliate. You may determine which product to join the affiliate program as well as the affiliate fee.

Do you like Gumroad?

So that’s a brief tour to Gumroad. Thanks for reading!

Are you interested in selling on Gumroad? (Sign up on Gumroad!)

What are you going to sell on Gumroad? (Share it with us!)

Looking for other resources to build an online business? (Check out my free product on Gumroad!)

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